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Security of Xiaomi MIUI Pure Mode


Android is considered an operating system with many features and is user-friendly. Because it’s easy to use, its security is not as good and safe as the security features of Apple’s iOS operating system. Apps that use third-party sources via APKs are not allowed to be installed by the Android manufacturer. Google encourages users to use Google Play to download apps, but this is user choice. Recently, a carrier is creating an obstacle that makes the download not as easy as it used to be. It’s Xiaomi, they launched the MIUI Pure Mode feature. It will assist users to protect their own devices from malicious and harmful apps.

Either way, it’s hard for Google to stop downloading apps using third-party links on its own. Even Samsung still needs to use this function on the Galaxy Store. If users are not aware of the dangers of apps downloaded by third parties, their devices will be prone to serious problems.

Android will get added security features through Xiaomi’s MIUI Pure Mode. Although users will receive a warning when installing a third-party application, they can bypass it easily with one click. MIUI Pure Mode also attends to users who still want to ignore the warning, it still allows users to access external applications if they want.

Pure Mode will use the same security approach that malware developers and hackers use. It will block any installation that is being done without the user’s consent.

Users can try to download third-party apps by turning Pure Mode off. No specific key information has been given about this feature yet, it is in beta testing in China.