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It’s hard to compare Tiktok and Youtube based on data from the US and UK


In the US and UK, the average time spent by users in apps for watching videos has changed. Previously, Youtube was always the video streaming application that attracted the most users in the past, but now, TikTok has surpassed Youtube in the number of users. In 2020, the rate of using social networking applications increased unexpectedly with a huge number. The reason for this phenomenon is that users have more time at home during the pandemic, so they watch videos for entertainment.

Based on information from Infogram collected by App Annie, users spend more time on social and media apps in the first half and second half of 2020. In the first half of 2021, there is a slight decrease, but not significantly. The reason could be that people are spending time in practical activities after being isolated at home.

According to the chart “Growth of hours spent in Top 5 social Apps by key value proposition, worldwide outside of China ”: During the period from 2018 to 2019, the order of apps with the most hours of use was Livestreaming, App&video, and Chat, respectively. By 2021, Live Streaming and App&video have a large number with a fast speed, Chat still develops but at a slow pace and still ranks at the bottom.

App Annie didn’t report any hours of using Tik Tok or Youtube in China. The information is about the US, UK, South Korea, and Japan. However, the comparison between Tiktok and Youtube in terms of average hours spent in the US and UK is inconsequential.

The report also didn’t calculate the average hours that users watch Tiktok and Youtube in the three countries that have the most hours using the application: China, India, and Brazil. If only looking at the statistics of the US and UK, it is difficult to comprehensively see the change of these two popular applications.