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Game inspired by Ghibli: Hoa


Vietnam studio Skrollcat cooperated with Kyx Studio to create a video game masterpiece based on Ghibli vibes. It’s a platforming sport whose main character is Hoa. This game will be released this year.

In a trailer introducing Hoa, we can see a little girl with a cape and spots lying on a leaf and drifting into a green meadow. Things here are very strange to this character, many animals appear like spiders, snails, scarab beetles, beetles. She also performs actions such as climbing rope, having pure friendships. A journey to help her discover the secrets of herself. The realistic, vivid images along with the appropriate sound created by Joe Hisaishi make this game even more attractive.

The game was created by Son Tung and Son Tra. Son Tung likes games with beautiful backgrounds and Son Tra is a good person with natural knowledge. The idea of ​​the game began to arise when both were studying at Nanyang Technological College in Singapore. Son Tung thought Son Tra could do a good job of sketching and went to see her, who studies animation.

Initially, Son Tra sketched out a character with a leaf on its head and the most complete character was Hoa. They also created a world for this character to explore nature.

When being asked about his inspiration for building the game, Son Tung answered WIRED magazine: “I guess that a lot of us, often as we grow up, our joy and love for nature are forgotten. So, by creating Hoa, we just hope to remind everyone, and at the same time, remind ourselves of what it feels like to be a child whenever we can.”

Son Tung said: “Hoa and her journey display the expertise and life we ​​have been dwelling, particularly throughout our time in Singapore. The college we studied and labored in is in the midst of a forest, so we had bushes and nature in all places. Each morning once we went to high school, you could see quite a lot of animals working around. We spent quite a lot of time in nature there…taking our sketchbook exterior and searching on the bushes, doing sketches, and breathing the contemporary air. The sport is about taking a stroll within the forest, having fun with the temper, being very carefree, relaxed, and playful.”

Son Tung and Son Tra believe that thanks to the inspiration of nature, Hoa has a substance of its own.

Son Tung was also commented by Son Tra as a person who cares about people, has many initiatives, and knows how to motivate others.

Son Tung also added that the small details in Hoa are also meticulous and detailed. He said: “Not long after I met [Son Tra] for the first time, we had been strolling across the college. And at our college, there are quite a lot of snails crawling on the pathway, and other people will simply step on the snails, as a result of not concentrating. So Tra, once we had been strolling, she noticed a snail, she tried to pick him up and put him within the grass on the roadside so he wouldn’t get stepped on. And this did not simply occur as soon as, however each time she noticed a snail she did that. And it simply struck me that she’s a caring individual. Once we created the characters [in Chinese], all these reminiscences we simply poured into it unconsciously.”

However, they also said that those who have been successful in this type of game have more than 10 years of experience. Both Son Tung and Son Tra do not have much experience in this field. They said they wanted their work to be like My Neighbor Totoro and Princess Mononoke. Although it is very difficult for newbies, they are always dedicated and work hard to have the best results. Their goal is to convey the most intuitive and genuine emotions.

Son Tung also said: “Hoa is our first journey. Like Hoa, we decided to enter one thing we did not know very clearly about. However, as a result of not knowing quite a lot of issues about it we had the courage to go in, do it, and discover an answer alongside the best way. We have been very fortunate to have quite a lot of mates — cautious, firm, and delicate mates — who will help us and inform us alongside informal.”

To sum up, Hoa’s journey is also temporary. Although Hoa doesn’t have beautiful graphics like Trine or Ori, it will bring a relaxing feeling like being in harmony with nature- like the idea of ​​the creators that are both in harmony with nature and bring quintessential joy. Moreover, it gave the impression of the cuteness of the character Hoa – baby, lovely toes, funny ladybugs.