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Magnifier 4 Pro

This magnifier app turns your smartphone into a perfect digital magnifying glass!
This magnifier helps you to read by zooming in on labels in small fonts. And the high-contrast text filters included in this app erase the background of the label to make it look clearer.

Magnifier 4 Pro App Free

User reviews:

Literally brilliant. Part of my job involves finding the model of motorbike from part numbers on individual parts (I might have a carburetor but have no idea what bike it’s from etc). Some of these parts are over 50 years old and the part numbers are practically invisible. This app gives me lots of different options to increase the visibility of these numbers so is quickly proving indispensable!

Asylumphobia – ★★★★★

I find this app really useful.

Lisa Allen – ★★★★★

Very good app


Features of the application Magnifier 4 Pro

  •  ① Easy to use magnifier
    – No Ads
    – Seek bar for zoom control
    – Pinch to zoom
    – Instant zoom out for easy targetting
  • ② LED light on/off
  • ③ Seek bar for exposure control
  • ④ Freeze function for detailed viewing
  •  ⑤ Additional 2x magnification function
  • ⑥ Special text filters
    – High contrast black and white filter
    – High contrast negative black and white filter
    – High contrast blue and yellow filter
    – High contrast negative blue and yellow filter
    – High contrast mono filter
    – Low blue filter
  • ⑦ Gallery
    – Compatible with ‘Magnifier & Microscope’ by HANTOR
    – Mono filter
    – Negative filter
    – Sepia filter
    – WYSIWYG saves